The calendar you need to meet.

For some
reason, someone decided calendars should be designed to jam our days full of meetings, most of which are kinda useless.
Let's change that.

Ready is the first calendar that solves the meeting problem. It stops them from crowding your day and makes the ones you have worth their weight.

Imagine—a calendar that results in fewer meetings, more focus, and better sessions with your team.

Meet Ready.

It starts with a calendar that
balance to your day.
And equips your team with powerful new tools to make every meeting
worth having.
Your calendar has the power to shape your day. And life is
too damn short
for bad meetings.
Let’s put an end to the meeting problem, and have your calendar focus your time on the pursuits you love.

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Help us redefine the calendar, reclaim our schedules, and make the time we spend together, better.

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